Our unique decanting process removes 98% of sediment so you get  a fresh tasting, heart healthy extra virgin olive oil that keeps its polyphenol and antioxidant benefits. 

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Sediment Free. Choose an olive oil that contains no blends of oils or pesticides.

Other unfiltered olive oils contain olive particles that ferment accelerating the oxidation of the olive oil to reduce its taste, lifespan, polyphenol, and other antioxidant benefits. Only ORIGIN 846, has a unique decanting process to remove nearly all these particles almost eliminating oxidation to ensure a fresh tasting, long-lasting olive oil that keeps its polyphenol and antioxidant benefits. We are the ideal olive oil choice for heart healthy everyday cooking, baking, grilling or dipping.

Inside each bottle of ORIGIN 846 is the juice of organic hand-picked olives that are master milled and first cold-pressed within hours of harvest. We then decant our olive oil to remove nearly all sediment and then pour our olive oil into a dark glass bottle to protect it from harmful UV rays. This ensures you receive a long lasting, delicious tasting and unfiltered extra virgin olive oil that's perfect for all your cooking, baking. grilling or dipping.

Organic hand-picked olives  that are First Cold-Pressed

Not all olive oils are single source and many contain blends of olive oils or blends from different suppliers. So before buying an unfiltered extra virgin olive oil you should read the label to understand what's in the bottle and the quality of olive oil you are buying. 

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Buy from the producer. Read the label to understand what your buying. 

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